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Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange Study

*Note: This survey is now available as a secure online form for easy submission.

The purpose of the attached Survey is to identify if and how Agent Orange has affected you and your family. This is a strictly volunteer program. But the data received will be processed through a special Exposure Program developed by one of the top independent scientists working on Agent Orange, providing you with a report on your exposure. In other words, tell the truth.

Please complete the Survey and Consent form. In order to use your data and conduct the Exposure analysis we need the Consent form signed. It gives us the right to process the information you send and protects how we use your data. Optionally, you may add your address at the bottom of the Consent form. When finished, deliver the completed Survey, Consent form to VST. If you choose to print out the downloadable survey, please mail it to the address below. The fax number is: 208-773-9234. Our phone number is: 208-457-VST2 (8382). The attached Military Records Listing is included to help you should you not recall all of your unit numbers. This is where you can get that information.

Thank you for participating and God bless you all.

To save the printable survey to your computer, right-click this link and select “save link as”.

Survey & Consent Form (Downloads)

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Letter from VSTNow & Key Quotes Findings on Agent Orange (Downloads)

Letter From VST Now On Agent Orange Study
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