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About The Organization

VST has started this site in order to draw attention to tragedy of the postwar deaths and sicknesses of our soldiers returning from the Gulf Wars as well as Vietnam.

A Scientific Research Report

“The extensive body of scientific research now available consistently indicates that Gulf War illness is real, that it is the result of neurotoxic exposures during Gulf War deployment, and that few veterans have recovered or substantially improved with time. Addressing the serious and persistent health problems affecting 175,000 Gulf War veterans remains the obligation of the federal government and all who are indebted to the military men and women who risked their lives in Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia 17 years ago. This obligation is made more urgent by the length of time Gulf War veterans have waited for answers and assistance.”

The Nightmare Continues

741,954 (53%) of the veterans returning from Gulf War II [Operation Iraq Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF)], have sought and are receiving healthcare from the VA. 289,553 (46%) of these soldiers are 17 to 31 years old. The same general neurotoxic exposures that existed in Gulf War I still exist in Gulf War II. Based on the findings of the Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses, it should not be a surprise to the VA that 741,954 of our returning veterans are suffering from Gulf War Illness. (Source of numbers; Analysis of VA Health Care Utilization Among US Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) Veterans, December 2010, pages 4, 7, 8, 11 &14).

Our Mission

1) Identify the post-deployment issues our returning veterans are facing, including: (a) VA processing, (b) timeliness of appointments, (c) medical attention, (d) family care and jobs, (e) VA denials of care, (f) lost, destroyed and altered records. Where problems exist, identify the process that is at fault, the individuals responsible and, when necessary, take action, including legal, to correct the identified problems.

2) Identify the cause of veteran homelessness and the deaths of these veterans by suicide (18 homeless veterans commit suicide every day). Identify those individuals responsible, and then work to correct the problem. Build and ensure the sound management of homeless veteran facilities designed to reintegrate them back into being healthy, productive citizens.

3) Research history of Agent Orange. Identify the source of the VA’s refusal to complete the Epidemiological Study ordered by Congress, publish VST’s findings and get the Epidemiological Study completed by independent scientists and fix the problem.

4) Do all responsible acts necessary, conducive, incidental, or advisable to accomplish the Mission for which Veteran Services Transparency (VST) is formed.

5) Identify other Veteran Organization interested in helping VST accomplish its mission. (5) Raise the needed funds to take the battle directly to the VA and the United States Congress.

VST is a Nonprofit Corporation that is organized as a 501(c)(19) corporation. All contributions are tax deductible.

About Richard Phenneger

In The Local Press

“Vietnam veteran and activist Dick Phenneger, founder of a nonprofit called Veterans Services Transparency, is working to help Vietnam veterans and their families cope with the devastating effects of Agent Orange. He’s  interviewed more than 200 area Vietnam vets and their families and assembled a chronological table on Agent Orange findings. Included with this update is that chronological table, which Phenneger has made easy to follow and understand.

Here, too, is a link to a recent story by reporter Brian Walker on Phenneger’s efforts. — Mike Patrick, Editor, Coeur d’Alene Press

Read:  Fighting For The Next Generation. Sept 14 2013


Vietnam Veterans of America

On January 2013, the VVA made Dick Phenneger an Honorable Life Member on account of his work in “Legacies of War” and uncovering evidence of the Government cover up of known effects of Agent Orange.

Meeting Minutes, January 14 2013. Page 14. (View PDF)

Legacies of War/ R. Phenneger
Herb Worthington introduced Richard E. Phenneger who spoke about his research that has uncovered irrefutable evidence that Vietnam Veterans have been victims of a decades-long scheme to conceal the know effects of Agent Orange, and that the government, up to and including the executive offices of the president, then covered its tracks by systematically manipulating scientific data. On behalf of VVA Herb Worthington presented Richard Phenneger with an Honorary Life Membership.


More about Richard Phenneger

  1. Honorary Life Member of the Vietnam Veterans of America.
  2. Author of Legacies of War – Agent Orange and "FORGOTTEN – Our Innocent Children Born and Being Born with Deformities – Caused by their fathers’ exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.
  3. Founder of Veteran Services Transparency, Inc.
  4. Ruling Elder of the Community Presbyterian Church Post Falls, Idaho.
  5. Trustee for the Lumber Traders, Inc. Employee Stock Ownership Plan.
  6. Member of the Board of Directors, Smith Berger Marine, Inc.
  7. Northwest Regional Director of the Beta Theta Pi General Fraternity (Encompassing Western Canada, Washington, Idaho and Oregon).
  8. Founder of Phenneger & Associates Inc. website: www.phenneger-associates.com.
  9. Member of the Board of Directors, Idaho Post Register (1998-2004).
  10. President’s Distinguished Visiting Fellow of Eastern Washington University – lecture on Ethics: "What’s Legal and What’s Right" and "What’s Legal is not always what’s right.
  11. Member of Eastern Washington University President’s Council.
  12. Rotarian 1991 to present.
  13. Retired from Pan American World Airways in May of 1991 (Airbus A-300 Captain. Boeing 737 Captain, Captain qualified on the Boeing 707, and Boeing 747).
  14. Chief Negotiator for the first Collectively Bargained Employee Stock Ownership Plan in the United States. Value – Over $130,000,000 (1981 dollars).
  15. President and chief negotiator of the Pan American World Airways Pilot Flight Engineers.
  16. Joined Pan American World Airways in March of 1966.
  17. Flew the KC-135 jet tanker during the Vietnam War – refueling B-52s going into Vietnam and ferrying fighters from the U.S. to the War. 1961- 1966.
  18. Married to Claudia Ann Morgan in 1964; three children, four grand children. Celebrating 50th wedding anniversary on December 12, 2014.
  19. Entered United States Air Force Pilot Training.
  20. Upon Graduation worked at Boeing in its preliminary design department.
  21. 1958 Distinguished Military Graduate from the University of Washington and commissioned a Regular Officer.