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If you are going to develop a solution to a problem – cure a disease – one most first dissect the problem to identify the cause.   Only then can you develop a cure.  Too often, we spend all of our time on the symptoms rather than going after the cause.  The symptoms are: (1) 1,150,000 veterans waiting in the queue for VA assistance, with individual delays from six months to 10 years for VA approval, (2) 175,000 veterans for Gulf War I still waiting for help 18 years later, even after scientific studies identified Gulf War Illness as being real and the need for the VA to stop delaying help,  (3) Hundreds of Thousands of Vietnam Veterans dying from diseases clearly defined by independent studies as being caused by Agent Orange (Admiral Zumwalt’s Agent Orange classified study),  and (4) veteran widows having to fight for benefits after their husbands deaths.    The problem – disease – is the VA itself and the destruction, shredding, and losing of veteran applications, medical records and service records.  Admiral Zumwalt’s Study basically accused the VA of Fraud.  Veteran Services Transparency (VST) is devoted to curing the disease, fixing the VA. 

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